Professional At Home Tooth Whitening System Professionals, movie stars and anyone who cares about the quality of their smile need to read further. 100% Guaranteed. Maximum Teeth Whitening (MTWT) delivers the exact same professional tooth whitening system (ingredients and methodology) dentists use for their patients who want the convenience and affordability of at home teeth whitening.


Bad Hair

Hair Styling Tips and Tricks for Girls

Hair: A Book of Braiding and Styles

A collection of hairstyles so bad you can't look away. Mullets, bouffants, rattails, beehives, bobs gone wrong, and styles so hideous they have no name are just some of the follicular atrocities to have emerged from barber shops and beauty salons over the last thirty years. Here, collected in book form for the first-and possibly last-time, is the International Bad Hair Hall of Fame, culled from the windows of hairdressers around the world. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but some pictures just speak the same word a thousand times: BAD.

"If you love American girl books and like to do your hair, this is the book for you! I love my hair so much, but I don't like my hair to be too simple. So, I bought this book. This books have a lot of hair styles you can do. Also, it has test for you, so you can see what hair type you have. The book features some healthy hair tips. It also have stylist secrets and tips to make your hair styles just perfect. It helps you to find your natural part in your hair and how to make zig-zag part." from a reader on the Amazon web site.

A gorgeous book of hairstyles and braids designed for teens and beyond, with styles ranging from formal elegance to casual flair. Comes with three dressy scrunchies in a keepsake floral box. Written by the coauthor of Braids and Bows, this elegant book is packaged in a custom-designed, hinged, clear plastic snap case which includes three elegant "scrunchies." Color photos throughout.


Curly Girl

Earthly Bodies and Heavenly Hair

The Bald Truth : The First Complete Guide To Preventing And Treating Hair Loss

Curly girls of the world unite! Sixty-five percent of women have naturally curly hair, but for too long too many of these women have either been at a loss on how to care for their hair properly or, worse, have gone through life pretending they have straight hair. No more. Lorraine Massey, a professional hairstylist and passionate proponent of curly hair, celebrates the curly girl way of life, from hair care to carefree attitude.

Beginning with The Curly Girl's Twelve-Step Program (Step Three: I will accept that the scalp and hair are two different entities with completely different needs, and I will treat them accordingly), CURLY GIRL is an illustrated how-to, support group, and tongue-in-cheek manifesto all in one.

A master herbalist's guide to natural personal care. Unlike conventional makeup-coverups, Dina's unique approach nurtures natural beauty and health. Chapters devoted exclusively to women, and also to the bodycare needs of men, teens, babies, and elders. Natural first aid, too. Includes 450 innovative formulas for essential products for face, skin, hair, hands, feet, mouth, and teeth -- more than a hundred of which can be made from basic household staples.

With the introduction of PropeciaT the drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of male pattern baldness, and RogaineT 5%, regrowth of regular or "terminal" hair -- not peach fuzz -- is finally a reality. Yet thousands of products in the $7 billion hair-loss treatment and restoration industry claim their effectiveness too. Now in The Bald Truth, consumer advocate Spencer David Kobren offers the antidote to decades of hair-raising hype. In this comprehensive, authoritative book, Kobren examines the largely unregulated baldness treatment industry and tells how, after years of research, he successfully treated his own hair loss -- and how you can too.


Why Are Black Women Losing Their Hair?

Beautiful Black Hair: Real Solution to Real Problems

Let's Talk Hair: Every Black Woman's Personal Consultation for Healthy Growing Hair

The first complete guide to healthy hair with contributions from medical experts. This book has everything from personal testimonies to complete chapters and full color descriptions on: hair loss prevention, holistic treatments, chemical destruction aids and prevention, natural hair care and hair growth remedies.

About the Author Owner of the nationally-recognized Avant Garde Hair Gallery, Fletcher is an award winning stylist and educator whose classes and seminars are regularly sold out across the nation. Known for his technical approach to hair design, Fletcher has been placed at the top of his profession and is considered the stylist of the stars. His celebrity clientele include, Tina Turner, Maya Angelou, Carol Moseley-Braun, Toni Braxton, Chaka Kahn, Eartha Kitt, Halley Berry and Iman. Fletcher is an expert consultant to Essence Magazine, which ranked his salon one of the top five in the country

This Comprehensive book has the answers to all your questions about the care of your hair whether it is natural, relaxed or color-treated. You'll learn everything you need to know about: Growing Your Hair Long and Healthy, Stopping your hair from breaking overnight, Getting rid of dryness and preventing it forever, Applying chemical relaxer properly with no burning ever, Choosing the best conditioners for your hair and Using a daily maintenance program for maximum effectiveness.

About the Author James P. Dixon, SHAMBOOSIE, as he is professionally known, is a twenty-year veteran of the hair care industry. A Color Master Consultant with Clairol Professional, Shamboosie was one of the first instructors of Advanced Techniques at DCU and trained hundreds of hairstylists. He has recently received the Quality Education Award in Honor of Outstanding Leadership, Commitment and Dedication to the Cosmetology Industry presented by Dudley Cosmetology University.

pamela ferrells natural hair care system has helped thousands of women grow healthy hair. you will feel like you have her one-on-one personal consultation to talk about your's unique qualities and how you can care ofr it without chemicals. learn beauty industry secrets and answers to all the questions you wanted to ask but didn't know who to ask.


Blonde Like Me: The Roots of the Blonde Myth In Our Culture

Permanent Waves : The Making of the American Beauty Salon

Hair Matters : Beauty, Power, and Black Women's Consciousness

In this irreverent, unsparing, and witty look at our cultural obsession with blonde, Natalia Ilyin shows us that our apparently modern fixation has truly primeval roots. Highlighting cultural criticism with personal experience, she cites ancient myths, Hollywood iconography, and the daily assault of advertising to reveal why the allure of being a blonde has crossed the boundaries of ethnicity, economics, and age. In essence, she shows us the difference between simply having blonde hair and being a blonde.

Throughout the twentieth century, beauty shops have been places where women could enjoy the company of other women, exchange information, and share secrets. The female equivalent of barbershops, they have been institutions vital to community formation and social change. But while the beauty shop created community, it also reflected the racial segregation that has so profoundly shaped American society.

Long hair in the 60s, Afros in the early 70s, bobs in the 80s, fuschia in the 90s. Hair is one of the first attributes to catch our eye, not only because it reflects perceptions of attractiveness or unattractiveness, but also because it conveys important political, cultural, and social meanings, particularly in relation to group identity. Given that mainstream images of beauty do not privilege dark skin and tightly coiled hair, African American women's experience provides a starkly different perspective on the meaning of hair in social identity. Drawing on interviews with over 50 women, from teens to seniors, Hair Matters is the first book on the politics of Black hair to be based on substantive, ethnographically informed research. recommends the following books on hair from


forum has brand new forum and chat facilities. Find out what others around the globe think about beauty in cultures past and present here.


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Awakening BeautyAnthony Napoleon, the author of Awakening Beauty: An Illustrated Look at Mankind's Love and Hatred of Beauty, is a psychologist who has spent many years studying beauty and its impact upon both individuals and society. He has worked with both cosmetic surgery patients and beauty pageant contestants as well as conducting original research into the field. Awakening Beauty is an unprecedented exposé on the subject of beauty. It is both entertaining and thought provoking, a combination that is as unique as it is telling about the author's approach to the subject of this book. The reader is taken backstage into the worlds of beauty pageants, plastic surgery, trophy wives, murderous rage, wardrobe, makeup, Bill Clinton, the events of September Eleven and other provocative topics where beauty has had its effect. Awakening Beauty invites the reader into a world that is as interesting as it is frightening. Readers are transformed as the author shepherds them from their world into his unique perspective and expertise on beauty. Awakening Beauty includes over one hundred tantalizing photographs and illustrations. Awakening Beauty is a compendium of some of the most interesting facts in print. The subject matter of the book along with the author's unique approach to it makes this book a "must read." Get ready to re-think everything you thought you knew about beautiful women and physical attractiveness.

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