Hair Styles, Cuts, and Do's

Experiment with the slide show and be amazed at these brilliant paintings from the painted caves of Western Europe

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Cave Art - Head of a Bull Cave Art - Group of Deer Cave Art - Standing Bison
Head of a Bull
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Group of Deer
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Standing Bison
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Cave Art - Engraved Deer Cave Art - Yellow Horse Cave Art - Two Reindeer
Engraved Deer
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Yellow Horse
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Two Reindeer
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Cave Painting - Bison II Cave Painting - Bison I H. Soan - Cave Painting II
Bison II
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Bison I
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Cave Painting II
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H. Soan - Cave Painting I Cave Painting - Five Horses and a Cow
Cave Painting I
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Five Horses and a Cow
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Red Bull
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Hieroglyphics a Cecilia Henle - Many Ponies Cecilia Henle - Ancient Run
Hieroglyphics a
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Many Ponies
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Ancient Run
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Hieroglyphics B Toreador Fresco Cecilia Henle - Howling Moon
Hieroglyphics B
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Toreador Fresco
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Howling Moon
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Bernie Horton - Stone Age  II Whitefeather - Petroglyph II Cecilia Henle - Tapestry in Browns
Stone Age II
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Petroglyph II
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Tapestry in Browns
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D. Crane - Cave Horses Swimming Stags D. Crane - Stone Memories II
Cave Horses
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Swimming Stags
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Stone Memories II
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