The mega moolah jackpot - the progressive review

See this as the second part of the mega moolah review where we discussed some new terms used in the mega moolah world, most especially on the Microgaming variant. The piece wouldn't be complete if we didn't talk about mega jackpot that's staring at you from the PC or mobile screen right now. One of the many winning concepts that uphold the quality of the mega moolah game happens to be the grand prize - players getting four jackpots. What that simply means is that there is more to the slot that what we can see with the naked eye. Let’s highlight some of the thing’s players can win on the mega moola jackpot.

The mini jackpot

The mini jackpot is the smallest and the most comfortable win to claim by a player, making it a frequent happening in the moolah world. The sum doesn't usually go above the winnings of a decent spin, but that doesn't take anything away from the fact that is an excellent fuel for starters especially when you are looking for a boost to help you “balance.”

The minor jackpot

Minor jackpots are as they seem, it's the other win that players can regularly expect compared to the other two (which we'll talk about next). The winnings can reach £90 on £100, or even more. If a player doesn’t hit the big one, it acts as the key to earning a profit from different playing sessions.

The Major Jackpot

More often than not, players overlook the prizes that are to be worn, but these prizes can reach a substantial sum. It’s never unusual to have a few thousand, sometimes, few hundred thousand pounds in the game's pot, which is often equal to the progressive jackpots in some of the slots. That's no record-breaker, but it's a substantial prize for the lucky winner(s).

The mega jackpot -

The mega jackpot is the biggest game here. It’s by far the biggest one in the game. Often referred to as the millionaire maker, call it the Moby Dick of all online jackpots. Winning the mega moolah jackpot is generally considered as the equivalent of busting the lottery for slot players, winning the mega jackpot nets a player a place in the history of mega moolah jackpot winners. The least mega jackpots are usually over a million, though the prize pot has peaked to £10 000 000 or more.

Players are guaranteed to win the jackpot when the game's bonus round of the tournament is activated. Players will be taken to the paw-tagged jackpot wheel which defines the prize that the player will claim after the game.

A pawprint distinctively marked grey shows one sector which then brings down the mega jackpot. The RNG system behind the game's wheel is quite complicated. Experienced players have an idea of the particular size of the bet that will affect the chances of entering the bonus round – the bigger the game's wager, the better the odds of activating the wheel. The peak of slow wins boils down to the luck of the spin.

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