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Many of our links are on the separate article pages and we have tried to match them for theme relevance as much as possible. Primarily we are interested in linking to other sites in which 'beauty' figures in some way or another though we also link to other sites of interest.

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My World of Hair and Rollers

Beautiful Hairstyles and Curly A nice site by Marcel. Lots of good pictures.

Hairstyling imaging

Hairstyles   Haircut quizzes, new haircuts, and forums about new haircuts, hair products and hair color for short, long, curly, straight and other hair cuts.

Virtual hair!

Hairstyles Haircut quizzes, new haircuts, and forums about new haircuts, hair products and hair color for short, long, curly, straight and other hair cuts.

Beauty by Matt ~ Expert ~ Hair and Makeup Services

Hair ResourcesNationwide beauty salon and hair stylist directory, hair care, hair loss and hair removal products and other related info about the hair.

Greatest Look

Hair Piece and Hair Replacement System Factory direct custom-made hair systems for men and women. All natural looking. Made with human hair, remy hair orkanekalon.

Africanhair Primarily for your perusal we offer articles, interviews and reviews supplemented with images of black models from around the globe.

AfricanBraids Get your hair braided in just two Hours with our ready to weave ,hand made African micro braids. Why sit for 10 hours when you can get the same result in 2 hours?

Hair Care For Less - hair care, skin care, cosmetics, make up, fragrances. Check out Nexxus, Artec, Abba, Alterna, Redkin, Framesi, Matrix, Lanza, Alterna, Hayashi 911, and Yonka skin care.

Hair Loss Central - Hair Loss Central is a shopping guide and search engine for hair loss products and services. Contents include: hair growth treatments, hair loss concealers, toupee, hairpieces, vitamins for hair loss, hair care tips and hair transplant surgeon's directory.

Hairstyles - Browse a collection of hair styling tools and photos of hairdos, organized by hairstyle, celebrities, age, weddings and events, and retro categories.

Hairstyles - Great hairstyles start with great products: handmade bows, headbands, scrunchies, hair bows, barrettes, bracelets, hairclips and ribbon.

Pictures of formal hairstyles plus hair tips

Laser Hair Removal Information Laser Clinic Directory and information about hair removal by laser.

Laser Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal Clinic Directory. Clear and simple facts about laser hair removal, a fast and comfortable method to remove unwanted hair, we also explain and compare different hair removal systems.

hair loss hair replacement hair restoration baldness hair transplant - Farrell Hair Replacement offers non-surgical hair restoration options for hair loss , male pattern baldness , thinning hair , Alopecia and female hair loss as an alternative treatment to hair transplant surgery , Propecia , Rogaine and Minoxidil. A hair loss information site for consumers.

Hair Loss - Commercial-free hair loss facts for consumers. It discuss hair loss myths, hair loss treatments options, hair transplant, the thick and thin of hair loss cosmetics and hair loss links.

Hair Care
The site offers Basic Beauty LLC's online Storefront, where you can purchase leading hair care, nail care, and countless other beauty products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Salon Posters for Unforgettable Hair

Hair Growth Solutions: Herbal-Based Hair Loss Treatment Offering an herbal-based hair loss treatment that stops excess hair loss while promoting new hair growth. Safe, effective and inexpensive to use...great for both men and women!

Hair Loss Products ThymuSkin Shampoo, ThymuSkin Treatment, ThymuSkin Gel, Thymus 2000 and Thymus Supplements. Free Shipping Worldwide!

Ferm-T Super Hair Energizer Problems with thinning hair or baldness? Our herbal-based products stop excess hair loss and promote healthy, new hair growth!

Hair Loss A natural hair loss herbal solution ( Saini Herb ) for treatment of baldness, alopecia areata and other hair thinning & DHT disorders.


3D Hairstyle Makeover Software - Click to Try

all featured books of the month have been read by a member of the team

Awakening BeautyAnthony Napoleon, the author of Awakening Beauty: An Illustrated Look at Mankind's Love and Hatred of Beauty, is a psychologist who has spent many years studying beauty and its impact upon both individuals and society. He has worked with both cosmetic surgery patients and beauty pageant contestants as well as conducting original research into the field. Awakening Beauty is an unprecedented exposé on the subject of beauty. It is both entertaining and thought provoking, a combination that is as unique as it is telling about the author's approach to the subject of this book. The reader is taken backstage into the worlds of beauty pageants, plastic surgery, trophy wives, murderous rage, wardrobe, makeup, Bill Clinton, the events of September Eleven and other provocative topics where beauty has had its effect. Awakening Beauty invites the reader into a world that is as interesting as it is frightening. Readers are transformed as the author shepherds them from their world into his unique perspective and expertise on beauty. Awakening Beauty includes over one hundred tantalizing photographs and illustrations. Awakening Beauty is a compendium of some of the most interesting facts in print. The subject matter of the book along with the author's unique approach to it makes this book a "must read." Get ready to re-think everything you thought you knew about beautiful women and physical attractiveness.

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Beauty Schools Directory

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A World of Perfumes and Cosmetics

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