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Dennis Carney - Egyptian Antiquity I The Art of Ancient Egypt John Parrish - Cleopatra
Egyptian Antiquity I
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The Art of Ancient Egypt
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Portrait of Queen Nebto Ramesses II John Parrish - Ramses
Portrait of Queen Nebto
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Ramesses II
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Egyptian - Achmes-Nefertiti Egyptian - Mummy Case of Lady Teshat Amenophis III
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Mummy Case of Lady Teshat
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Amenophis III
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Thomas Kostecki - Remembering Ancient Egypt Festival of Sekhet Emma Stanley - Egypt Palm II
Remembering Ancient Egypt
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Festival of Sekhet
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Egypt Palm II
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Joadoor - Tutanchamon Egyptian - Edfou (Apollinopolis Magna) Peter Rose - Pyramids
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Edfou (Apollinopolis Magna)
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Emma Stanley - Egypt Palm I Amenophis III Dennis Carney - Egyptian Antiquity I
Egypt Palm I
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Amenophis III
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Egyptian Antiquity I
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Egyptian - Denderah Dennis Carney - Egyptian Antiquity II Tomb of Seti I
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Egyptian Antiquity II
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Tomb of Seti I
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Ann - Osiris Mystery II Book of the Deads Unknown - Nofretete
Osiris Mystery II
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Book of the Deads
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Funeral Mask of Tutank
Funeral Mask of Tutank
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Ancient Egypt The ancient Egyptians lived in a remarkable culture that created some of the world's most beautiful art and architecture. It was a land where Pharaoh was the monarch of the entire world, the living emodiment on Earth of the god Horus, son of Osiris, ruler of the underworld.


The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt Blending vividly written essays and over a hundred attractive illustrations--including 32 color plates--The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt is a stunningly designed and authoritative account of the once glorious civilization on the Nile. Ranging from 700,000 BC to 311 AD, this volume portrays the emergence and development of Egypt from its prehistoric roots to its conquest by the Roman Empire.

The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen Join Howard Carter in his fascinating odyssey toward the most dramatic archaeological find of the century--the tomb of Tutankhamen. Written by Carter only one year after his discovery, this book captures the overwhelming exhilaration of the find, the painstaking, step by step process of excavation, and the wonder of opening a treasure-filled inner chamber whose regal inhabitant had been dead for 3,000 years. 105 photos.

Daughters of Isis : Women of Ancient Egypt This is a wonderful book; it examines much less talked about lives of women in ancient Egypt. . It is a refreshing female perspective on lives of women of Ancient Egypt.

How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs : A Step by Step Guide to Teach Yourself Hieroglyphs are pictures used as signs in writing. When standing before an ancient tablet in a museum or visiting an Egyptian monument, we marvel at this unique writing and puzzle over its meaning. Now, with the help of Egyptologists Mark Collier and Bill Manley, museum-goers, tourists, and armchair travelers alike can gain a basic knowledge of the language and culture of ancient Egypt.

Mysteries of the Pyramids (Mysteries Of) Details the many mysteries contained within the pyramids at Giza, covering information on the early explorers and their theories to the very latest archaeological technology.
Audio CD

Ankh: The Sound Of Ancient Egypt This album is based on a challenging idea: Try to recreate a musical form from a culture and period that left behind no recordings or musical notation, using only history, a description of the instruments, and some historical artifacts

More Books on Women in Ancient Egypt

Canopic Jar - Duamatef

A replica of an ancient Egyptian funerary container, this jar's lid is cast in the shape of a jackal.

Egyptian Charm Bracelet

Plated in 22-karat gold, the symbols on this bracelet evoke the glories of the Kingdom of the Nile

Personalized Silver Cartouche Pendant

Wear your initials in the form of hieroglyphs with this unique necklace.This item is available by phone only. Please call 888-423-1212 to order it. Thanks.

Mesopotamian Blue Glass Necklace

Alternating blue glass and gold-plated beads give this necklace a timeless appeal and undeniable elegance.

Small Bastet Cat

This regal feline is a faithful reproduction of the priceless artifacts crafted by the ancient Egyptians.

Large Bastet Cat

This regal feline is a faithful reproduction of the priceless artifacts crafted by the ancient Egyptians.

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