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'Beauty Worlds: The Culture of Beauty' was first published in October 2000. In January, 2003 we had over 90,013 unique visitors and published over 205,000 pages. In February, 2003 we had 98,413 unique visitors and published over 240,000 pages. In March 2003, we had over 107,000 unique visitors and published over 245,000 pages.

While this traffic comes from all over the world 75% comes from the USA. Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom together account for another 10%.

We have extensive development plans for the site and therefore can realistically anticipate continued growth in traffic.

We do not collect individual demographic data but judging from the number of questions, email, and the discussion boards most visitors are young women in their teens or early twenties.

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Discussion Forums

Reflection Matters: Thoughts and Musings on Beauty

Cutting Matters: Experiences and Anxieties about Cosmetic Surgery

Appearance Matters: The Role of Looks and Beauty in Culture

Weighty Matters: Food, Size, and Culture

Fur is/is not Fashion: Animal Products in the Beauty and Fashion Industry


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Note to Cybersurfers: This website focusses on aspects of beauty in Nature and different cultures. What are the reasons we find things beautiful? What anxieties does beauty evoke? Topics covered include fashion, hairstyles, beautiful animals, and range from Aztecs to Orchids. Click here to find out more.