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Orchid Fever : A Horticultural Tale of Love, Lust and Lunacy At first blush, the subtitle of intrepid traveler Eric Hansen's floral account might seem, well, hyperbolic. After taking this whirlwind tour of the hidden world of rare orchid collectors, the reader will find the words well chosen. Hansen invites us into a strange demimonde of intrigue and desire, at the center of which is the orchid, that shadowy and somewhat sinister parasitic oddball of the plant kingdom. Orchid raising and trading is big business. Worldwide, the retail economy in orchids adds up to some $9 billion; in the United States, wholesalers ship nearly 8.5 million plants a year, while in Holland a single nursery produces 18 million.

Taylor's Guide to Orchids One of every seven flowering plants on the Earth is an orchid. In the United States, the largest society devoted to a single plant is the American Orchid Society, with 29,000 members. Research biologist and full-time garden writer Judy White now brings her expertise--and her stunning photographs--to this much needed book for the expanding world of home orchid growers. 302 color photos. 12 illustrations

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids 1,100 stunning orchids, illustrated and described This large and beautiful volume is aimed at a broad audience, from the flower lover with a casual interest in orchids to the committed enthusiast and professional. It encompasses a wide spectrum of orchid genera and over 1,100 species and hybrids commonly in cultivation.

Orchids Simplified : An Indoor Gardening Guide Orchids can in fact be grown easily by anyone who has basic indoor gardening skills and a convenient, sunny windowsill. This clearly written and illustrated guide provides all the know-how and inspiration needed to begin cultivating brilliant blooms year round. Color photos throughout

The Orchid Thief Orchidelirium is the name the Victorians gave to the flower madness that is for botanical collectors the equivalent of gold fever. Wealthy orchid fanatics of that era sent explorers (heavily armed, more to protect themselves against other orchid seekers than against hostile natives or wild animals) to unmapped territories in search of new varieties of Cattleya and Paphiopedilum.


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Awakening BeautyAnthony Napoleon, the author of Awakening Beauty: An Illustrated Look at Mankind's Love and Hatred of Beauty, is a psychologist who has spent many years studying beauty and its impact upon both individuals and society. He has worked with both cosmetic surgery patients and beauty pageant contestants as well as conducting original research into the field. Awakening Beauty is an unprecedented exposé on the subject of beauty. It is both entertaining and thought provoking, a combination that is as unique as it is telling about the author's approach to the subject of this book. The reader is taken backstage into the worlds of beauty pageants, plastic surgery, trophy wives, murderous rage, wardrobe, makeup, Bill Clinton, the events of September Eleven and other provocative topics where beauty has had its effect. Awakening Beauty invites the reader into a world that is as interesting as it is frightening. Readers are transformed as the author shepherds them from their world into his unique perspective and expertise on beauty. Awakening Beauty includes over one hundred tantalizing photographs and illustrations. Awakening Beauty is a compendium of some of the most interesting facts in print. The subject matter of the book along with the author's unique approach to it makes this book a "must read." Get ready to re-think everything you thought you knew about beautiful women and physical attractiveness.

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